What We Do

Our Personal Financial and Asset Management Services:

Below is a general list of some of the services we provide. Upon meeting, we will help determine what your goals are, and create the most appropriate plan for your financial needs.

Portfolio Analysis:

Portfolio analysis consists of creating goals for investments, making investment decisions, and allocating assets. Through portfolio analysis, we can determine strengths and weakness in your past and current investments, which will allow us to make informed decisions for future investments.

Retirement Planning:

Retirement planning consists of creating a financial plan, so after you stop working, you are still able to live well. Through financial planning, you are also planning for other non financial aspects of your retired life such as planned retirement age, desired location to retire in, hobbies to engage in and more.

Alternative Investments:

 While conventional investments include stocks, bonds and cash, there are other options through alternative investments. Some examples of alternative investments include but are not limited to private equity, hedge funds and real assets such as real estate, gold, or other tangible goods. At JKL Wealth Management, we can help you with these less typical types of investments. 

Family Legacy Planning:

Through family legacy planning, we will plan for how to pass along your accumulated wealth to the next generations of your family. This personal financial service includes the physical items you wish to leave to future generations, along with your financial wealth.

How We Create Your Unique Plan: