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8 Things Really Smart People Have to Say About Retirement, PART 2

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Lesson # 3: A Good Plan Will Help You Prosper

Wealth planning for retirement is essential and neglecting to do so could prove disastrous for San Diego residents and their families. As an LPL financial advisor, I have seen the consequences of a lack of adequate planning and the results are tragic. Nowadays, a good retirement could last 20 years, if not longer and you’ve got to make provision for the unpleasant, such as illness and incapacity.

“It doesn’t matter how young you are. Sit down with pen and paper and draft a plan for yourself: a plan that outlines how you wish to live in order to establish and build wealth for life. People who don’t follow a plan rarely achieve great heights of success; they make do with what they end up with. If you work on developing those goals and plotting a course of action to achieve them, you’ll help yourself along your trajectory to success.”

- Grant Stallenberg, San Diego JKL Wealth Management client, 48

Having a clearer idea of your own goals and ambitions also helps your LPL financial advisor and wealth manager understand your unique picture, so start planning!

Lesson # 4: Start Early


The earlier San Diego residents start saving for retirement, the better. Why? Well, in addition to having more time to save, they will also benefit from greater interest!

Consider the following: if you invest $5,000 at the age of 25, by the time you are ready to retire (without any additions to this initial amount) you will be sitting with a whopping $140,512! This is, assuming you’re benefitting from 10% interest, which is pretty standard in a good savings account. If you only start thinking of saving for retirement at the age of 45, you’ve got to invest a considerably greater sum of $33,638 in order to achieve exactly the same results!

The lesson here is clear: while retirement might seem a long way off when you’re in your 20’s, the benefits of early wealth management are incredible and you stand to gain a whole lot more wealth. San Diego residents with teenagers and/or young adults might wish to speak to their kids about this…

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