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Wealth Management Experts Help North County Residents Teach Their Kids the Basics of Investing, PART 2

Wealth Management North County
LPL Financial Advisor North County, PART 1: Introduction

Welcome to the second installment of our five-part series on the ABCs of investing, which, as it was revealed in our previous informational installment (click on link above), were:

A – Real assets
B – Cash
C – Financial assets

Wealth Management for North County Residents: Real Asset Investments

What Are They? “Real assets are tangible (touchable) items that hold value, for example, real estate, your house, antiques, precious metals, artwork, jewelry, oil and gas,” says LPL financial advisor, John Lohrenz.

For most North County residents, the first real asset they invest in is their very own home, which is one that will remain their biggest investment probably for life. The more money you accrue and the greater your wealth grows, the more freedom you will have to invest in other real assets, such as antiques, beautiful artwork, property, precious metals and gems and other things that tend to appreciate in value over time.

The Advantages and Challenges of Real Asset Investments

While it’s nice to be able to touch and physically feel an asset, such as a diamond necklace or an expensive painting by a famous deceased artist – it somehow makes it seem more real and less vulnerable – investing in real assets does come with its fair share of challenges. Some can be difficult to value and even trickier to sell. And the channels through which North County residents do sell their assets will also likely take their considerable share in commission. So, if you aren’t careful and if you don’t take your time, you could end up losing a lot of money.

These challenges aside, the great thing about real assets is that their value tends to operate independently of the stock market and other securities. Even if the stock market is looking sickly, the value of your real assets, such as your house, could be going up. This is why it’s always a good wealth management idea to invest a portion of your savings in real assets in addition to the B’c and C’s of investments – cash and financial assets, which we shall be discussing in the next two installments of the series.

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