Wealth Management in Del Mar: Are You Missing Assets In Your Divorce? PART 2

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Divorce is a tempestuous time to say the least, even if you and your partner are splitting amicably. To keep things fair, it is always sound advice to declare any and all assets you both might have so that they can be shared equally upon your parting. Some assets, however, can quite easily fly under the radar and in most cases this is not the consequence of malicious intent!

Many Del Mar residents are wholly unaware that things such as vacation pay, tax returns and frequent flyer miles or points – as was discussed in PART 1 – all constitute assets that should be divvied up between two ex-spouses. And so, here to provide you with some valuable advice on whether you are missing out on something during your divorce settlement is John Lohrenz from the JKL Wealth Management firm, which serves Del Mar and surrounds:

Assets Commonly Overlooked in a Divorce Settlement:

  • Prepaid Insurance: “Regardless of what is being covered, whether it’s life insurance, house insurance, casualty or disability insurance, these payments are by nature prepaid. Consequently,they should be taken into account when valuing property and dividing assets,” explains our wealth manager to Del Mar residents. “It wouldn’t be fair for only the one partner to pay these premiums.”
  • Stock Options: “The right to buy stocks or shares in one’s company at a bargain price is something that can be regarded as a joint asset. As such, if either the husband or the wife has this option,they can keep it and compensate by providing their ex-spouse with a compensatory asset; or they can agree to exercise this right together in the future. In other words, even if a couple has divorced, the one partner can still purchase stocks at a bargain from their ex-spouse’s company,” says wealth management expert, John Lohrenz to Del Mar residents.

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