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Lesson # 7: Invest Like a Millionaire


There are some very clear differences in the investment strategies employed by wealthy San Diego residents and poorer San Diego residents. Wealthy people invest in a diverse range of stocks and bonds, which spreads out the risk and enables them to benefit from greater returns. They also tend to take a long-term view on investments, opting to be patient and steadfast in their method.

Investing like a less-than-wealthy person means that you tend to be easily swayed by “get rich quick schemes.” Instead of listening to the advice of an experienced, unbiased LPL financial advisor or retirement planner in San Diego, you leave all of your savings in the hands of some sweet-talking broker who has miraculously found these “hot stocks” that have somehow flown in under the radar of Wall Street. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

“When investing, you’ve got to keep your expectations realistic. Obviously, we all dream of becoming millionaires overnight, but the reality of the investment game is that slow and steady almost always wins the race. Keep your living expenses down, invest your money in a range of stocks and bonds, always heed the advice of an investment manager and keep your eye on the long-term prize.”

- Jackie Wong, San Diego JKL Wealth Management client

Lesson # 8: Challenge Yourself

You’ve got to have a life outside of your 9 to 5. Your brain shouldn’t shut down the minute you walk out the office. Find things that excite you and hobbies that inspire you: broaden those horizons. Read, travel and challenge yourself. Lead a rich and fulfilling life because when you hit retirement, you want to have a whole list of exciting things to explore, rather than a sudden void. Additionally, keeping your mind and body stimulated is important for a long and happy retirement. Literally, it’s the people that challenge their brains and bodies who tend to live longer, healthier lives.

A Final Note on Retirement Planning


The advice provided in this four-part series doesn’t focus exclusively on the smartest investments to make and the best retirement and financial plans to implement in order to enjoy a long and successful retirement. Rather, planning for retirement should be seen by San Diego residents as a holistic process that involves working on short and long term goals, and on financial wealth AND the wealth we have in our health, friends, families, interests and dreams.

The message is to never neglect one in favor of the other. And that’s what the smartest people have to say about planning for retirement in San Diego!

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