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Retirement Planners to Rancho Santa Fe Residents: Plans You Should Be Making Today for Your Retirement, PART 1

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Most Rancho Santa Fe residents imagine our retirement years to be spent doing the things we’ve always wanted to do, but have never had the time for. We dream about spending more time exploring our interests, reading, playing tennis or golf, dining out and visiting far-flung corners of the globe. We think about how nice it would be to travel without having to stress about leaving our businesses in someone else’s hand and about spending every available weekend and holiday with our families.

This is precisely why they’re called the “Golden Years!”

Unfortunately, some Rancho Santa Fe residents fail to plan adequately for the years they will spend post-retirement and as a result, they simply don’t enjoy the freedoms and standard of living they’ve hoped and even worked for. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, most Americans have a good 18 years of retirement, so it is key that you plan, plan, plan! Failing to do so will cause you to lose more than just your country club membership; it could very well deny you the long-term-care you may need one day.

Planning for Retirement: Step # 1

“You’ve got to look at your financial portfolio today, no matter how young or old you are and you’ve got to make a solid plan that accounts for every cent going in and every cent going out,” explains John Lohrenz, a LPL financial advisor and retirement planner serving Rancho Santa Fe and surrounds. “If there is a shortfall, you’ve got to make the necessary adjustments and the sooner the better. No one should spend their retirement counting pennies and cutting out coupons.”

Your first step in planning for your retirement years should be to meet with an experienced LPL financial advisor or wealth manager. It won’t take longer than an hour – if that – to draft a solid and comprehensive financial plan, which will outline the steps you need to take to ensure that you’ll enjoy a comfortable retirement. This process really begins by looking at what you owe and what you own. What does your current wealth amount to minus any debts you owe? In other words, what is your net worth?

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