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Minority and Female-Owned Businesses Help to Fuel the Economy, According to Retirement Planning Firm near Poway, PART 4

Retirement Planning Poway

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Welcome to the final installment of this four-part series on how women have contributed enormously to the economy of the United States and how differences in gender investment strategy have arisen in different tiers of financial success. Please click on any of the above links to read what has already been covered.

So… From where does this difference in gender investment and retirement planning strategy arise (as explained in Part 3)?

It’s probably biological. Men are by nature more aggressive and quick to move on whereas women tend to be far more passive and invested in the outcomes of every decision they make. Additionally, according to the results of retirement planning surveys, Poway women may tend to be far more fearful of retirement and that they won’t have sufficient funds to maintain a decent quality of life. The result of all of this is that women tend to favor saving over and above investing, which can deny them the benefit of far greater wealth growth.

Retirement Planning: The Good News for Poway Women

There is a silver lining: according to the same studies, although women tend to throw less of their money into investments, they do tend to see greater returns. This is because their investments are more varied so as to minimize risk.

The take-home message for men and women is, according to Poway retirement planner John Lohrenz, to do your research and work closely with an experienced and reputable financial firm when managing your wealth. Double check your statements and do your part to understand your investments and what’s happening with them. Speak to your LPL financial advisor and retirement planner regularly so that you can become educated.

Also, remember that a diverse investment portfolio can see your money working hard for you while you work hard for your money. And this is key to financial success and a carefree retirement!

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