Retirement Planning North County

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North County Retirement Planning Experts Help Parents Teach Their Kids the Basics of Investing, PART 5

Retirement Planning North County

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Welcome to the final installment of our series on the ABCs of investing. Please click on the above-featured links to recap on the content previously covered.

The Advantages and Challenges of Financial Assets

As it was explained in Part 4, there is no sure-fire way or success formula for securing maximum returns when investing in financial assets and ultimately, there is always risk involved. But, the greater the risks, the greater the chance of higher and faster returns and for that reason, investing in financial assets can seem somewhat like gambling.

Dividend-paying stocks and blue-chip stocks tend to be at the lower end of the risk spectrum, while growth stocks and small company stocks lie at the higher end. Bonds can also be risky with U.S. Treasury bonds offering the safest and most reliable options and junk bonds being the riskiest.

The way North County retirement planners and investment advisors counteract this risk is to diversify the financial portfolios of their clients and to invest in many different stocks and bonds. Spreading out your money across the different kinds of financial assets means you won’t suffer a terrible blow if one of your corporate stocks plummets. A diversified portfolio – especially one managed by an experienced LPL financial advisor – typically experiences healthy growth over time and far more growth than the interest earned on cash stashed away in a savings account.

A Final Note from JKL Wealth Management’s North County Retirement Planners

The idea of investing can seem exceptionally complicating and intimidating, especially to our children who are just coming to terms with the idea of handling their own money. Since we all want our hard-earned money to count for something, deciding where to invest it can be incredibly daunting. The reality of the situation is this: (1) investing is the smartest way to make your money work for you, rather than you working for your money and (2) it’s actually not that complicated!

There are three major kinds of investments – cash, real assets and financial assets – and with the advice of experienced North County retirement planners and investment advisors we can help you make the right investment choices that will see you and your children experiencing healthy and steady financial growth.

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