Retirement Planning for Del Mar’s more Conservative Ladies, PART 1

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Women are, generally speaking, more conservative when it comes to finances and investments and this is not only a consequence of our inherent nature, it’s because we are aware that if anything goes wrong, our children and family will be the ones to suffer as well as ourselves. While being conservative can be a good thing, being TOO conservative can really keep you from greater financial success.

Investing is a fantastic idea for Del Mar female residents, whether you are single and reckless or married and a little more careful with your finances. For those who do find themselves to the right of the spending line, here’s some advice from JKL Wealth Management, an investment and retirement planning firm serving Del Mar and surrounds.

Here are some fantastic and relatively low-risk investment ideas for Del Mar’s more conservative ladies:

  1. Individual Retirement Fund

“You may already have a retirement fund from working for a company prior to starting a family. But whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a high-flying business executive, it is always a wise idea to continue contributing towards your retirement fund on a consistent basis,” says Del Mar retirement planner, John Lohrenz of JKL Wealth Management. “The more you put away and the longer the period over which you do, the more money you’ll end up with and the more you’ll benefit from the interest.”

“A good IRA – whether it’s a Roth or traditional IRA – has minimal taxable interest, is secure and stable in the long term. It’s a reliable investment that will guarantee you a good lump of change when you eventually decide to cash it out, which is hopefully when you’re ready to retire and not before.”

Learn about Some Other Low-Risk Investments!

To find out about other low-risk investments that Del Mar’s more conservative ladies might be interested in, click on the link below.

Financial Planning for Del Mar’s More Conservative Ladies, PART 2

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