Portfolio Review

Every client we see here at JKL Wealth Management is unique in his or her needs and financial situation. As such, we take great care in doing something that is quite rare in this industry: we listen and we hear you. We listen closely to you to assess exactly what it is you’re looking for and what it is you wish to achieve. Why? Because we believe investment and financial portfolio should match a client’s precise expectations.

During a financial portfolio review with JKL Wealth Management, we will assess:

  • Your financial goals
  • Your original investment plan,
  • The investment process for that plan,
  • Your asset allocation (how your money is distributed among your investments),
  • The re-evaluation time frame (how often your portfolio should be re-evaluated)

Your Financial Portfolio Review Process

It starts with a client’s investment plan, which is the blueprint for your investment process. As part of the portfolio review, we find out what a client’s initial investment plan was and compare that to their current portfolio’s performance. If there are any gaps between what a client was expecting from their portfolio and how it is actually performing, we point out where those gaps are occurring and how we can help address them, so that their portfolio is more in line with what they originally envisioned.

We look at the investments a client has made and explain which investments in their portfolio are working for them and which ones they should consider purging in favor of others that may be more suitable for their particular situation. This may involve distributing their initial investment differently among their investments, for example, allocating more money to bonds and less to equities. We also come up with a time frame for reviewing their portfolio that they are happy with.


There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk. Investing involves risk including loss of principal.

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