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The first step in our approach to providing our clients with financial solutions is something that many wealth advisers and institutions have gotten away from: listening. .

Listening might seem like a simple thing to do, but it can mean the difference between achieving a client’s goals and disappointing them. We actively listen to our clients and spend the time upfront to understand all the dynamics in their family and their wealth picture. Everyone has unique needs and family dynamics that demand attention to detail. From setting up a fund for junior to be able to go to college to making sure the spouse and children are well taken care of in the terrible event something happens to you. People are our clients, not their money.


Once we know what our clients need, the next step in our financial approach is to develop a plan that is comfortable and manageable, making it easy to understand for the client. We do all the “heavy lifting” for the client, so they aren’t bombarded with confusing questionnaires and paperwork.

We then execute the financial plan as seamlessly as possible, making sure we reach out frequently to the client with consistent and regular reviews of their investments and personal situation throughout the year.

Our financial approach is to sit down and discuss the investments and plan twice a year to make any adjustments we need to make. Doing this keeps us on track through good and bad markets and helps to keep out the anxiety and worry over daily news events.

At JKL Wealth Management, there is no corporate bias or corporate strategy and we don’t have shareholders that we need to satisfy. That means all our financial solutions and investment strategies are implemented for one outcome and that is the “Financial Independence” of the clients. We are able to spend 100% of our time making sure families are wise with their wealth management. Our commitment is to you and your family and your financial independence is how we measure our success.

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