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Yahoo! Messenge

r is one of the most popular chat applications nowadays, and one of its benefits is that users can choose a personalized display image (often referred to as 'avatar') that is usually in accordance with their mood.

Whenever a user has an interesting avatar, one could use a specialized application and download the image to their computer.

Some of these utilities do not even require the target account to be online in order to be able to grab its avatar.

Typically, users will have the possibility to select the image format they prefer, as well as the destination folder.

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Yummy 001

An invisible scanner for yahoo id's with many options

Sep 30th 2009, 21:53 GMT
Windows XP / Windows Vista
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Yahoo! Avatar Grabber

Yahoo! Avatar Grabber 1.0

Get the avatar picture of any person you want just by entering their Yahoo! ID and pressing the gr...

Mar 18th 2008, 14:15 GMT
Windows All
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Yahoo Avatar Loader

Yahoo Avatar Loader 1.2

Load Yahoo avatars with this tool.

Aug 25th 2009, 13:06 GMT
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