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8 Things Really Smart People Have to Say About Retirement, PART 3

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To read Part 1 and 2, please click on the links provided above. Alternatively, glance through our brief recap of the points already covered:

Lesson # 1: A Happy Retirement is about More Than Money - Time is the number one commodity that, unfortunately, no amount of money can buy. Don’t overdo your dedication to hard work and remember to take the time to enjoy every stage of your life!

Lesson # 2: Luck Won’t Make You Successful, Smart Choices Will -Good financial planning, saving and investing are all pathways San Diego residents must take to enjoy a happy and comfortable retirement.

Lesson # 3: A Good Plan Will Help You Prosper - Sit down with pen and paper and draft a plan for yourself: a plan that outlines how you wish to live in order to establish and build wealth for life.

Lesson # 4: Start Early - The earlier San Diego residents start financial planning for retirement, the more time they’ll have to save and the more they’ll benefit from compound interest!

Now let’s take a look at the remaining four lessons…

Lesson # 5: Look After Yourself!


Retiring rich is about more than having a fat retirement fund: you’ve got to be healthy enough – and alive – to enjoy it! You don’t want to work hard your entire life only to spend your retirement in a hospital bed or nursing home. If you find yourself leading an incredibly stressful lifestyle in the pursuit of wealth and success, you might want to re-evaluate things. Eat healthy, take the time to exercise and relax and find ways to de-stress, or else you won’t be able to enjoy everything you’ve worked for.

Lesson # 6: A Quality Life is Carved Out By Quality People


A truly happy and successful life involves equal measures of investments in your personal and your professional life. While you are building wealth in dollar bills, you should also build wealth in the quality of the friends and family you surround yourself with. This becomes so incredibly important when you take the step into retirement and suddenly have the time on your hands to spend with friends and family. This also becomes the time you’ll feel their absence if you haven’t dedicated enough time to building friendships and bonds with people.

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