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Financial Planners to Rancho Santa Fe Residents: Plans You Should Be Making Today for Your Retirement, PART 3

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Financial planner Rancho Santa Fe

Welcome to the third installment of this four-part series on what Rancho Santa Fe residents should be doing today to ensure that they make proper provision for themselves and their families throughout their retirement years.

Investing in the Stock Market

“Over the course of the past 30 to 35 years (since the 1980’s), the stock market has plummeted by 15% a total number of 13 times. So, if you are investing in the stock markets, you can expect your shares to suffer the occasional blow,” explains financial planner in Rancho Santa Fe, John Lohrenz. “It’s cyclical although we are yet to perfectly understand the nuances of stock market fluctuation.”

These dips don’t warrant panic. What Rancho Santa Fe residents have got to understand as investors is that the stock market does periodically drop by an average of 15% and what you’ve got to determine is whether you’re financially comfortable enough to endure these times. If you aren’t happy to see your investments take the occasional dive between growths, simply reduce the portion of your savings allocated to stocks.

The best approach to investing, however, is to work closely with an experienced LPL financial advisor and planner in Rancho Santa Fe. They will be able to help protect your wealth and minimize the risk of you losing your principle investment and accrued interest.

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