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Minority and Female-Owned Businesses Help to Fuel the Economy, According to Financial Planning Firm near Poway, PART 3

Financial planning Poway

Wealth management Poway, PART 1
Asset management Poway, PART 2

Welcome to the third installment of this four-part series on how women have contributed enormously to the economy of the United States and how differences in gender investment strategy have arisen in different tiers of financial success. Please click on the above “wealth management Poway” and “asset management Poway” links to read Part 1 and 2 respectively.

Poway Asset Management: Strategic Investing for the Future, Continued

In addition to crafting a detailed and unique financial plan, Poway residents will also need to invest strategically for your future. You won’t always have the power to earn what you earn today and making provision for retirement is something that should begin as soon as possible: the earlier the better. Interestingly, though, there seem to be some very important differences between the way male and female Poway residents choose to invest and these differences also reveal themselves in the way that the genders run their businesses.

The Difference Between Male and Female Investment Strategy

There is a financial planning approach taken by Poway women that often does work out in their favor. “My women clients want to make sure that they accomplish their goals and that they don’t have a lot of risk and a lot of downside involved in it,” says financial planner serving Poway and surrounds, John Lohrenz. “They will do their research and ask for advice, so that they can make the most educated decisions as possible.”

Sure, risky investments can yield fantastic payouts, but they may also see Poway residents losing much of their principle investment if they aren’t careful.

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