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North County Financial Planners Help Parents Teach Their Kids the Basics of Investing, PART 4

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Welcome to the fourth installment of our series on the ABCs of investing. Previously, our North County financial planners and investment advisors explained the second of the three major investment types: cash. This is the paper money in your wallet, or any money kept in savings accounts, money market accounts, treasury bills and/or short-term deposit certificates.

It was explained that it is essential to maintain a savings of three to six months’ worth of expenses in the event that you lose your job or you are caught in an unexpected emergency. It was also explained that while any investment portfolio should contain some cash assets, it is important to maintain diversity by channeling funds into other investment types, such as real assets and the C of the ABCs of investing: financial assets.

Financial Planning for North County Residents: Investments

What Are They? “Financial assets can be divided into two different categories: (1) bonds and (2) stocks,” explain North County financial planners. “Bonds are essentially loans you make to companies, municipalities or the government, which earn interest over time. Stocks are company shares you can purchase, which essentially make you a shareholder in that company. The value of the shares fluctuates according to the markets and that company’s performance.”

There may be two overarching kinds of financial assets, but it’s at this juncture that things can become especially daunting for young and inexperienced North County investors. When you look at the sheer number and diversity of corporations and companies in which you can buy stocks, how do you know which ones to invest in? Which shares are likely to increase the most over time? Which shares can promise a steady, but reliable growth? Which ones should you avoid?

“Well, if we knew the answer to this we’d all be millionaires. The markets are constantly fluctuating, but what we can tell over time and considering historic events is which financial asset investments are likely to yield steady growth with a low risk of losing your principle investment and which ones could yield great growth with a higher risk of losing your principle investment,” explain JKL Wealth Management’s financial planners. “There is never any guarantee and even the most educated of guesses is still a guess. Having said that, our track record does speak for itself. We like to see our clients succeed and succeed well.”

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