Financial Planning for Del Mar’s more Conservative Ladies, PART 2

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Investing your hard-earned cash can be a terrifying prospect for Del Mar’s more conservative ladies, after all, women are by nature more conservative than men; more often erring on the side of caution. There are a dizzying number and variety of investment types from which to choose, but there are some that can provide Del Mar residents with the opportunity to build their financial nest egg in a way that is low-risk.

In PART 1, John Lohrenz, financial planner at Del Mar’s JKL Wealth Management firm, discussed individual retirement funds as a great investment ideas for the more conservative lady.

Let’s take a look at a few more…

  1. Treasury Bonds

    “Investing in treasury bonds may yield slow growth, but after a period of 10 to 12 years you can cash it in and you’re just short of a guaranteed decent increase. It’s slow, but secure,” says our financial planner to Del Mar residents.

  2. Fixed Deposit Accounts

    “A deposit provides ultimate control of your hard-earned cash and it’s totally secure. You start off with a lump sum and you’re guaranteed a set interest rate that won’t fluctuate. This provides you with a slow, but steady increase in your principle investment, which is great for the more discerning and conservative of Del Mar’s residents.”

  3. Invest in a Green Fund

    “Green” companies that have been recognized by the government offer business owners a great opportunity for investment. These funds are used to drive economic development with focus on renewable energy sources, so you’re not only doing the environment a favor, but you’ll also reap the financial rewards in the long term,” says LPL financial planner, John Lohrenz.

The Take-Home Message

It can be tempting for the more conservative of Del Mar ladies to throw your spare change under a mattress where no amount of economic fluctuation can touch it, but ultimately, your money will work much harder for you in a good investment. All of the options mentioned above are low-risk and secure, so speak to JKL Wealth Management about which one or combination thereof could suit you best!

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