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8 Things Really Smart People Have to Say About Retirement, PART 1


Working in the fields of finance, investment and wealth management in San Diego, you get to meet all kinds of people, all of whom have different jobs and varying life philosophies. What all of the successful ones have in common is a distinct perspective on issues of life and money and that is that success doesn’t come by accident: it is the product of good planning and design. That is what we’re all about as LPL financial advisors in San Diego and yet, in spite of the fact that it’s my job to focus on planning for other people, I have still been able to learn so much from some incredibly smart and successful clients.

Here are 8 important life (and money) lessons we could all benefit from learning…

Lesson # 1: There Is More to a Happy Retirement Than Money

It can be very hard for younger San Diego residents to wrap their brains around this because we are all so focused on career success, building wealth and being able to afford the nicer things in life. But as you get older, you realize that the nicer things in life aren’t gold watches, first class tickets and flashy rides. Before you spend the best years of your life killing yourself for your business, remember the following wisdom…

“Time is the number one commodity and time spent today cannot be bought back tomorrow. Remember that now, because when you’re older and looking back at your life, you want to feel that you did some living; that you spent time enriching yourself, exploring the world and enjoying quality time with friends and family.”
- Tim R., JKL Wealth Management client, 68

This may sound like the oldest cliché in the book, but it couldn’t be truer. I’ve met too many desperately unhappy people in San Diego who achieved fantastic business success, but who fell short of personal success.

Lesson # 2: Luck Won’t Make You Successful, Smart Choices Will


Good financial planning, saving and investing are all pathways San Diego residents must take in order to enjoy a happy and comfortable retirement.

“Look at your life right now. What are you doing to become rich? If you’re simply doing your job every month and relying on your employer to put aside money for your retirement, you’re not doing anything. You’ve got to educate yourself, speak to your financial advisor, start saving, make some investments and most of all, you’ve got to live beneath your means while you’re young. Wealthy people don’t become wealthy by spending money; they get wealthy by saving it within reason.”

Kathy M., JKL Wealth Management client, 52

Become proactive in the management of your wealth, no matter how young or old you are.

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