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Financial Advisors to Poway Residents: Plans You Should Be Making Today for Your Retirement, PART 4

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Welcome to the final installment of this four-part series on what Poway residents should be doing today to ensure that they make proper provision for themselves and their families throughout their retirement years.

Finding the Right Financial Planner and Advisor

“There weren’t any cell phones when I first started out as an LPL financial advisor serving Poway and surrounds. In fact, the fax machine had made its first appearance and it was a huge deal,” says John Lohrenz. “Our roles in this industry have changed remarkably over the years. We started out as brokers of information – since this wasn’t readily available to the public – and we were paid a decent commission on transactions based upon the intelligence we had as financial planning experts.”

Financial Advisor

“Now, the Internet and media have made financial education possible for Poway residents of all ages and who work in all manner of industries! We don’t have to explain the difference between stocks and bonds, blue chip and start-up companies and financial and real assets. Most of our Poway clients are well versed in financial jargon and know what they want because they’ve done their own research and their own reading,” says this financial planner.

“And so, our jobs as financial advisors and retirement planners today are to provide objective analysis, advice and wisdom on every possible variable that might affect our clients’ wealth, from their investments in real estate to the stock market. But, if you’re paying someone for their wisdom, you’ve got to ensure they’re wise!”

When looking for a good financial planner near Poway, it’s recommended that you check their qualifications, references and experience first. You should also spend a little time with them before you decide they’re right for you and your business because this professional relationship is one of the most important one’s you’ll have! Allow it time to flourish and make sure you communicate your financial goals, needs, dreams and expectations clearly.

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