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Financial Advisors Help North County Residents Teach Their Kids the Basics of Investing, PART 1

Financial Advisor North County

A part of any child’s fundamental education should cover how to manage wealth effectively. This should (1) prevent them from viewing mom and dad as ATMs and (2) help them to cultivate a healthy relationship with money. And, of course, any decent financial education needs include a first introduction to the world of investing. A great way any North County parent can do this is perhaps investing a sum of money for their child as a birthday or Christmas present. You can then show them how their little investment grows over time by reviewing their quarterly statements with them.

In this five-part series, John Lohrenz, our LPL financial advisor who serves the North County area, takes this dialogue further by providing parents with a discussion of the bare essentials of investing. You can either get your kids to read this or read it to them, as it will provide the necessary valuable insights and foundations to help your kids take one dollar and make it two. When it comes to cultivating wealth, the right investment portfolio is a must and the younger one starts the better. And JKL Wealth Management would be privileged to help your progeny get their wealth journey off to a healthy start!

So… let’s get started!

Financial Advice for North County: The ABCs of Investing

There are three major investments you can channel your money into:

A – Real assets
B – Cash
C – Financial assets

Each of these investment types boasts its own advantages and disadvantages. The great thing about investing, however, is that you don’t have to choose only one: in fact, generally speaking, the more diverse your investment portfolio is, the better.

Let’s start by looking at the A of the ABCs of investing: real assets.

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