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Financial Advice for Widows in California, PART 1

Learn which tasks can wait and which must be done right away when becoming a widow, to avoid making costly mistakes.

When dealing with the grief that comes from the loss of a spouse, handling financial and legal tasks is probably the last thing on a widow’s mind. Unfortunately, widows in California are often forced to make big decisions about their finances and lifestyle in the days and weeks following their loss, when they aren’t thinking clearly. Many women might not encounter their own finances until their husband’s death places the burden on their shoulders, so the loss of a spouse may signal both an emotional and financial transition.

If you’re reeling from a recent loss and are unsure of what steps to take with your finances, it’s important to get a strong support system in place right away. You’ll likely have friends and family members offer to help with funeral preparations or cooking dinner during this difficult time, but you may also want to appoint someone to help you with collecting insurance money, handling your husband’s estate, spreading the word about your husband’s passing and being there for anything else you may need. It’s common for new widows to fall into a state of shock, which can make even the simplest of tasks seem insurmountable.


First, get the help you need in the form of a support system, then you can tackle your financial to-do list, which we have presented in the following two parts (click on the link of interest to read on):

To Do Right Away: Wealth Management Advice for Widows in California
To Do Later On: Asset Management Advice for Widows in California

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