Family Legacy Planning

Family legacy planning is planning what happens to the wealth that has been accumulated throughout a person’s life after that person is gone. By having a plan in place, clients can allocate who gets what and make sure that the wealth they accumulated is put to good use for future generations of their family.

Having a plan also helps ensure that their wealth isn’t eaten up by taxes and other expenses that it was not intended for. This is not to mention the fact that there’s nothing as terrible as having to deal with financial affairs when a family is in grieving. A good financial legacy plan can smooth this process over, removing much of the unpleasantness and guesswork.

Here at JKL Wealth Management, our family legacy planning helps our clients pass their wealth on to their heirs in a controlled manner. This not only ensures that this wealth continues to provide for their spouse, children, and grandchildren, but also that it gives them a base from which they can start their own wealth journeys.

Meet our family legacy planner and financial advisor, John Lohrenz.
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