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Time May Change Your View of Wealth

10-16 blog post

  Your investment strategy and estate plan should keep pace as your views evolve. Time changes our perspective on many things, including our finances. Perhaps you used to think that money would solve all your problems, or that you didn’t want to spend your time and energy thinking about your finances. You’ve lived, and you’ve […]

Pretend You’re Retired for a Month

wealth management san Diego holistic retirement guru

The lessons to learn from this experiment. Retirement is ideally a happy time of your life, freeing you up to do things you’ve long postponed. However, the prospect of retirement can also cause stress if you’re not sure you have enough money to retire in the lifestyle you’d like. We suggest a dry run: Try living for […]

10 Financial Lessons from Bill Gates PART 2

Image courtesy of Free Digital Photos Welcome to the second installment of our two-part blog series on some exceptionally insightful quotes from the richest man in the world, with commentary from Del Mar LPL financial advisor, John Lohrenz. Let’s continue with five more quotes… “There is nothing that was overnight.” Forget all the get-rich-quick schemes […]

Wealth Management Expert in Del Mar Says: Stop Juggling Responsibilities and Grow Your Personal and Professional Wealth Using Key Financial Tools Like “Wealth Vision” PART 1

Business Owners face a great number of challenges. Not only do they have spend time running and maintaining their business, but they also have other crucial concerns such as expanding the business, health insurance, regulation, taxes, as well as taking the time to manage their own wealth. Oftentimes, business owners are forced to choose between […]

Solana Beach’s LPL Financial Advisor Asks: Could Online Retirement Calculators Be Misleading You? PART 1

One of the most important questions Solana Beach residents ask themselves about the future is what will my retirement look like? What do I need in order to maintain the quality of life I have become accustomed to? How much should I be putting away today and will I leave my family a handsome legacy […]

Del Mar’s JKL Wealth Management Explain What Women Need to Know about Resurrecting Their Financial Life after Divorce PART 2

Welcome to the second half of this two-part blog series. In last week’s post, Del Mar’s LPL Financial advisor John Lohrenz explained the first two important steps in rehabilitating your finances after a divorce, because even if you are already financially independent and/or are well-looked after by your ex, you still need to learn how […]

Del Mar’s JKL Wealth Management Explain What Women Need to Know about Resurrecting Their Financial Life after Divorce PART 1

Going through divorce is, in most cases, a tremendous emotional maelstrom. But, it’s not only your emotional wellbeing that needs rehabilitation; you also have to get that derailed train that is your financial life back on track! What used to be one joint income, one list of assets and one debt now become two and […]

San Diego Financial Advisor News: U.S. Trust Study Indicates That Even High Income Earners Have Retirement Fears, PART 2

Welcome to the second installment of this two-part blog post on the retirement fears faced by the majority of America’s high income earners. In Part 1, San Diego financial advisor for JKL Wealth Management, John Lohrenz, explained the results yielded by 2013 Insights on Wealth and Worth: a survey done of 711 affluent Americans by […]