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Asset Management Professionals to Rancho Santa Fe Residents: Plans You Should Be Making Today for Your Retirement, PART 2

Retirement Planning Rancho Santa Fe, PART 1

Welcome to the second installment of this four-part series on what Rancho Santa Fe residents should be doing today to ensure that they make proper provision for themselves and their families throughout their retirement years.

Planning for Retirement: Step # 2

The next step Rancho Santa Fe residents need to take towards creating a sound financial plan is to examine your monthly expenses – what you need to live on every month – and what your monthly lifestyle expenses are. It’s no good calculating what you need to put aside for retirement without allocating a portion of that to having fun and travelling. Good asset management is crucial! Next, calculate your total monthly income, taking into account any pension benefits, rental money received from tenants and social security. If you plan on taking on any part-time work, be sure to factor this in too.

Planning for Retirement: Step # 3

The third step of planning for your retirement is to compare your income versus your expenses. If the former is less than the latter, then you will need to make adjustments to your saving and investment strategy today. Putting it off only puts greater distance between yourself and your retirement goals. Things you can do to adjust would be to examine your expenses and see if there’s anything you can eliminate in order to level your debt faster. You should also speak to your Rancho Santa Fe asset management expert or LPL financial advisor about your investment strategy.

“Saving for retirement can be challenging, but it should be a priority; like sending your kids to school and feeding your family,” say asset management experts. “Rancho Santa Fe residents shouldn’t put it on hold because they’d rather spend the money on eating out at a fancy restaurant or having a shopping spree at Gucci. Always be aware of your goals and adjust them as need be. And always be aware of any potential downfalls of your portfolio, especially when it comes to investing.”

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