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Asset Management Experts Help North County Residents Teach Their Kids the Basics of Investing, PART 3

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Asset management North County

Welcome to the third installment of our five-part series on the ABCs of investing. Previously, our North County asset management expert explained the first of the three major investment types: real asset assets, which are tangible items, such as property, real estate, precious metals, antiques, oil, gas, artwork and jewelry. Investing a portion of your money into real assets is a great idea because they typically appreciate over time and are valued independently of the stock market and other securities.

Now, let’s move on to the B of the ABCs of investing: cash.

Asset Management for North County Residents: Cash Investments

What Are They? “Cash is the green paper in your wallet, the clinking coins in your pockets, and the funds you keep in your bank accounts. It’s hard, fast currency you can draw upon and use to pay for things using either cash or card,” explain the North County LPL financial advisors at JKL Wealth Management. “Cash investments can also come in the form of short-term deposit certificates, savings accounts, Treasury bills and money market accounts.”

The Advantages and Challenges of Cash Investments

The great thing about cash investments is that they are highly liquid, which means that they allow you immediate, or at least fast access to the funds you can use to buy the things you want and need. For this reason, it is essential that everyone have some form of cash investment, such as a savings account, which can be drawn upon in the event that the unexpected happens.

“We generally advise that you keep enough money in your savings to comfortably sustain you and your family through three to six months of you being unemployed,” says North County-based asset management professional, John Lohrenz. “If you work on a freelance basis, or if you feel your are in any danger of losing your job, you should perhaps save a little more.”

Are there any disadvantages to cash investments?

There’s no real disadvantage here, but putting all of your money in cash investments could keep you from enjoying the kind of growth that other investments, such as financial and real investments, could yield. Cash has a place in every portfolio, but it shouldn’t make up one’s entire financial portfolio, according to North County asset management advisors.

Additionally, having a lot of cash in a stable economic climate can see you losing value to inflation, but in a more volatile climate it can be smarter to invest in cash. Your financial advisor will be able to recommend where your investments should be made given the current economic situation.

The Importance of Cash Savings

It is essential for any North County resident to have a savings account upon which they can draw in an emergency. It’s far better to make use of your savings than to rely on credit cards to bail you out of trouble, because the latter – taking exorbitant interest rates into account – ends up being considerably more expensive.

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