Asset Management in Del Mar: Are You Missing Assets In Your Divorce? PART 3

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For the Del Mar residents facing divorce, there comes the unpleasant task of declaring all of the assets (both individually and jointly owned), so that these can be divvied up prior to each partner going their separate ways. But many couples have no idea that things such as prepaid insurance and stock options – as was discussed in PART 2 – both constitute assets that should be included in this division and sharing process. Vacation pay, tax returns and frequent flyer miles or points are other assets that frequently fly under the radar (see PART 1).

And so, here to provide you with some valuable advice on whether you are perhaps missing out on a few valuable assets during your divorce settlement is John Lohrenz from JKL Wealth Management: an asset management firm serving Del Mar and surrounding areas.

Assets Commonly Overlooked in a Divorce Settlement:

  • Timeshares: “The problem with a resort timeshare is that the amount you owe on it is frequently less than the actual worth of the time you might spend there. So, while one spouse might be happy to take the timeshare, the dollar value they are getting isn’t as much as you might think,” explains the asset management professional to Del Mar residents. “You will have to, as a couple, decide whether you are just going to cancel your timeshare or continue to own it jointly.Alternatively, one partner might decide to take it, but then at a lesser value.”
  • Professional Dues and Magazine Subscriptions: “The longer your subscription to a magazine, club, membership or gym, the more you are likely to benefit from discounts, which is why – with divorce looming – a spouse may make full use of your joint funds to purchase at least two or three years of said membership. This may happen before divorce is even discussed in an effort to prepare for any financial fallout.So when declaring all of your assets, make sure you find out whether your spouse has purchased a lengthy membership from your community funds so that the distribution of wealth can be made equal,” says our Del Mar asset management professional, John Lohrenz.

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